Here we go again… I was working on a PowerPoint presentation and missed my boarding position. A Southwest Airlines boarding position really does matter. I went from being in the A group to being almost the last person to board the airplane. I was fortunate enough to get an aisle seat near the back of the airplane. The flight between Chicago Midway and Pittsburgh only takes about an hour. The Windows 10 preview built test on my HP Envy X2 has been going for almost a month. I’m still having trouble with battery degradation during sleep. I may start turning the computer off every time I use it. Suspending the computer is a very useful feature, but having enough battery for the flight is even more important. Other than some power issues the Windows 10 preview build seems to work pretty well. It has been 100% stable for almost a month.

I watched some of episode 272 of This Week in Google (TWIG) during the flight. Leo seemed to be pretty excited about the update to email Google released this week. The hosts brought up some good points about the current state of email. I have been making a real effort to unsubscribe from junk email this month. I’m one of the few people that stay real time on email.

I was going to review the Cyber Dust application, but the only thing I have done with it was message Mark Cuban. None of my contacts use it. At this point, I have no reason or incentive to use it moving forward. I’m not going to uninstall it yet, but I’m not sure it will become a part of my daily routine.

Trying Cyber Dust

Mark Cuban was a guest on the Mike and Mike television show this morning. Mark was talking and the nature of permanence in the public square and how that impacts dialogue. Mark was looking for a forum where every utterance was not permanent. In order to create the possibility of that type of dialogue, Mark’s team built a new application called Cyber Dust.

I downloaded the Cyber Dust application for Android this morning. It was a large application. It took about 5 minutes to download the 20+ megabyte application. During the application setup a check of my contacts occurred to locate Cyber Dust users in my contacts. Nobody in my rather extensive contact list uses the application.

I did send a message to AskMark using the Cyber Dust application. Mark actually responded which was a pretty cool experience.

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Getting to sleep last night was a real challenge. Sometimes when I’m worried about oversleeping I wake up every hour and check the time. That is one of the reasons that 6:00 AM flights always seem to be problematic. Waking up at 3:00 AM disrupts all my regular routines. I managed to take a nap during the first hour of the flight. It was still dark. At about 7:00 AM the sun was streaming through a few windows on the other side of the airplane. Just a little light was enough to end my nap.

The flight from Denver to Nashville only took two hours today. Flying east sometimes involves losing hours during time zone changes, but this time I still arrived early enough in the day to attend a number of morning meetings. Business travel is always bout timing.

I listened to a best of Tears for Fears album during the flight. Denver International Airport still has free wireless internet. Some airports have sponsorship deals that include 30 minutes of free wireless internet followed by some seriously outrageous costs. At 5:00 AM the airport wireless internet speeds in Denver were pretty good. I was able to download the latest episodes of This Week in Tech (TWIT) and This Week in Google (TWIG) in a matter of minutes.

Southwest Airlines flights are normally pretty full. This early morning flight to Nashville only included an “A” boarding group. That means less than 60 people were booked for the flight.  I was able to get a window seat on a row all by myself. This is the first time this year I have had a row all by myself on a Southwest Airlines flight. Southwest has been my airline of choice this year. The staff always seems to be friendly and engaged, the airplanes are equipped with wireless internet, and the Boeing 737 is my favorite airplane.

HP Envy X2 with Windows 10

18 days ago… on launch day the Windows 10 Technical Preview became available to download.  A clean install of the new operating system occurred on my ASUS Eee PC hard drive. That machine has been stable. This morning I downloaded a 32bit version of Windows 10 Technical Preview evaluation copy build 9841. That version was moved to an 8 gigabyte USB drive via the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. My HP Envy X2 is now sporting the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The install occurred without having to wipe out my files or settings. Everything seems to be going well so far.