Nashville Barbecue

My first trip to Nashville seems to be going pretty well this week. I’m still on the hunt for good barbecue in the State of Tennessee. Apparently, one of my coworkers is a national barbecue sauce champion. Obviously, that is a skill that will need to be demonstrated to be truly appreciated. During the Southwest Airlines boarding process on Sunday, several different folks recommended Jack’s Bar-B-Que and Martin’s BBQ Joint. It is amazing how many people have strong opinions about what barbecue shack is the best.

Here we go Sunday

I have been dealing with the compulsive need to write all day. It started when I woke up this morning. For the most part it has been pretty nondescript. No one topic or event pop into the forefront of my considerations. I’ll probably have a few hours to write during my flight to Nashville today via Southwest Airlines. I’m still not sold on the wacky line up by number system Southwest Airlines uses to allow people to select seats when boarding.

I managed to download most of Leo Laporte’s TWIT TV programs from last week. All of the downloaded content will be ready to watch during the flight. I also have the latest copy of “Multichannel Contact Strategy for Campaigns” downloaded to my desktop. Over the course of the last few flights I have figured out that internet may or may not be available as advertised. To ensure that I always am ready to work on something during the flight.

The Southwest Airlines flight to Nashville, Tennessee seems to be very bumpy tonight. After 174 people got on the flight today. A member of the crew asked for three volunteers to take a different flight. They would get the value of their ticket plus an additional $300.00 in vouchers. Three people actually accepted the offer. I considered it for a few moments. I’m always surprised that airlines oversell flights.

Gina Trapani was pretty entertaining today during TWIG (This Week in Google).

I’m probably going to post the first few chapters of my multichannel contact strategy online this week.

It has been a decade

Time passes pretty quickly. It really does. A decade can pass in the blink of an eye. I realized today that the MPA program I attended in Lawrence, Kansas concluded a decade ago. I graduated from the University of Kansas Master of Public Administration program in 2004.

KUMPA Graduation 2004

This is a photo of the class of 2005 during the KUMPA 2004 Graduation

A few home repairs

Last night I managed to install 3 universal fit toilet flappers. Home Depot stores stock them in 3 packs. Apparently, these things have to be replaced from time to time. At the time, it seemed like a rather handy thing to do with my evening. This house was built back in 1994 and a few parts have inevitably needed repairs.