Windows 10 and 8K video drivers

A recent Microsoft driver announcement related to Windows 10 8K video support just changed the game. You read that correctly. A driver announcement slide just metaphorically reached out and knocked on the sky. It did not make a dent in the universe Steve Jobs style, but it may have helped influence the future of technology. Based on that announcement, a major technology related decision was made within this household. I’m going to skip 4K technology. If the Microsoft team in Redmond, Washington is confident enough to include drivers for 8k video, then I’m confident enough to wait for an 8K resolution monitor. I was sold on acquiring the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB and a Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D). The decision is twofold. I’m going to wait to purchase both an 8K resolution computer monitor and an 8K resolution television.

Upgrading my desktop computer

Upgrading my Storm Stryker computer components to support 4K video will be an adventure. It may be an adventure that happens one part at time. I realized that my motherboard, RAM, processor, and graphics card need to be upgraded. The case, power supply, solid sate drives, optical drives, and hard disk drives are in good working order. For the last couple of weeks, I had been looking at the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 4GB paired with the Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D). I’m just not sold that my primary computer will be able to manage or deal with 4K content. It may be prudent at this juncture to focus on finding a great motherboard deal. Finding the right CPU and RAM to fit a motherboard is an easier critical path to an upgrade.

On the 2015 Kansas Jayhawks basketball season

NCAA tournament committee personal help build the brackets. The only part that matter for a team is making the field. Being a part of March Madness opens the door. My emotions are rarely worn on my sleeve. Joni and I elected to stay at home to watch the game. I knew it was going to be a rough one to watch. In the end, it was a tough loss to watch. NCAA officials need to adjudicate things quickly. Cliff Alexander should have been able to play. Bill Self does a masterful job of coaching high low sets within the game. I would have liked to see more high low offense this year. This year Bill Self did a great job of coaching a team comprise of younger players. Next year may be a very interesting year. The team knows what it means to make the tournament. College basketball teams go through cycles. This is one of the more interesting ones for the University of Kansas.

On Chromebooks

I have been looking at Chromebooks online. My HP Envy X2 needs to be replaced. That is inevitable. Waiting for Windows 10 to be released was a viable strategy. The HP Envy X2 may last for a few more months.  Right now — the new 2015 Google Chromebook Pixel looks pretty decent. Right now on the Google Store website it is showing, “This selection is currently out of stock.” I got lucky it was out of stock. I was ready to make the purchase. That almost happened. A new plan is under development. That plan may involve buying an indigo black Nexus 9 tablet with 32 gigabytes of storage and a Wi-Fi connection. I’ll probably get the Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio to go with the tablet. Almost everything I do could be done on an Android tablet.

A walk to the park

Yesterday ended up being a personally meaningful day. It took me a year of living here to understand. Broomfield city planners included open spaces. Sometimes the view of the mountains in the background makes you forget about how valuable open spaces can be. The open spaces are much closer than the mountains. It takes a few hours to drive to the front range of the mountains. Peppercorn the dog knows what the word walk means. That dog will hop around and whine if the word walk is used in pretty much any sentence. John Paul just likes to go outside.

A busy two lane street stands between where I am standing and the park. Those four lanes of impassable thunderous traffic stand between us and a wonderful park. A park that contains slides, things to climb on, and some swings.

On the other side of the road a long stretch of green grass fills my field of vision leading up to the park. That park has a lot of open space. Very green grass spans as about as far as John Paul can run without stopping. The edges of that open space are covered with trees that are tall enough to have known and seen the seasons. Those trees would have witnessed years of reckless joy if that type of awareness happened. Those trees could very well have been standing in that park longer than my time on this earth.

After our perilous crossing of as street, Peppercorn the dog and John Paul ran across the great open space of freshly mowed green grass toward a park on the end of their vision. Neither of them ran in a straight line, but that did not really matter. Spring must have officially started the weather was fantastic. It was just under 70 degrees and things were great. John’s infectious laugh echoed throughout the neighborhood. It was a moment that might as well have been in slow motion. It will not be easily forgotten. It was a moment I hope to recall for years to come.

Breaking some writing habits

A trip to Target yielded some new B12 vitamins and a few dinners for the week. For some reason, the Starbucks coffee within that particular Target store seemed to run in slow motion. It was really strange how slow everything was running. I actually abandoned getting two shots of espresso. That does not happen very often.

Dictation is going to be a larger part of how I write. Spoken word translated to text seems to be more personal in tone. On a go forward basis, I plan to return to capturing notes throughout the day. I simply do not have the time to write long form prose essays anymore. For the next couple of months, I’m going to have to focus on writing a lit bit at a time and hoping it add up to something meaningful. After rereading everything that I have written so far during 2015, I have concluded that I need to step up my game and be better.

Translating a strategy into action is harder than it seems. Plans always look great on paper. Those plans can face huge tests within a large organization. Startups thrive when the number of decision makers remains small and they make the right decisions. The larger and more mature an organization becomes the more layers of challenge, review, addition, subtraction, and even budgeting a plan faces.


We have reached 10,000 feet

The announcement already occurred, “We have reached 10,000 feet.” For the second time this week, the Southwest Airlines aircraft was not equipped with wireless internet. I was planning on grading papers during the flight. I had downloaded the 291st episode of This Week in Google for the flight. Jeff Jarvis was in rare form this week. Jeff almost convinced me to buy a Google Pixel Chromebook during the episode.

Work has become rather interesting. Some things have changed and some things have stayed the same. I have been deeply thinking about several things at work. They pop into the forefront of my thoughts at times. Coffee has normally been something that I only consume in the morning. Recently, I have started drinking coffee throughout the day. Afternoon espresso shots have even become a part of my routine.

Writing has been challenging this month. Thinking about the tough questions needs to be a priority. My time became rather overbooked this month. That happens sometimes. I’m trying to regroup. Starting a new edX class this month may have been a poor idea.

Writing about business best practices has to become routine. Anything that draws my attention deserves that consideration.

Agile approaches can be used to manage complexity.I have been very tempted to write an article about agile project management.